Our Story

The core of everything Fletch + Mills is family.


The company is named after my two children Fletcher and Millie and it is run by myself Nicola with the support of my husband, Paul. Whilst being pregnant with my second child I had an idea which I couldn’t let go of and was sure it was an absolute winner. I wanted to create a brand of matching family clothing. My husband and son always loved matching clothing whilst on holiday, when going to a special event in our lives, or even just wearing the same tracksuit for a day around the house. Fletch loves being “just like daddy” and with that in mind I also daydreamed about matching with our next child if I had a girl. Well… I did have a girl (Mills) and so the idea kept evolving until I eventually decided I wanted to create a matching swimwear brand for the whole family. I decided to start with the boys! I imagined it would take 6 months to get it off the ground and have the product in hand and start selling … it didn’t! My daughter was 2 when I got my first pair of finished shorts in my hands! I went through 3 sample makers, 4 manufactures and had lots of last minute changes that I didn’t expect to have, in order to have a finished pair of shorts exactly as I wanted them to be. 


My first collection ranges from a simple stripe to a striking flamingo print, both of which I love equally! All the prints are bright, vibrant, playful and inclusive. My favorite, and the Fletch + Mills signature print, is the yellow and white stripe, I love everything about it. It was inspired by a family holiday we had in Biarritz, walking along the promenade looking at all the fabulous striped fabric beach huts taking in the relaxed but chic atmosphere that is undeniable in Biarritz. It was the first print that I ever envisaged.


I hope you love the collection as much as I do and hope that you will also follow and support us in our journey as we expand to ladies and girls swimwear which is very much in the near future.